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ÜberBlueDM provides Social Media Staffing & Temps (ÜberBluer’s) that are your own Social Media Personal Assistants and Social Media Department rolled into ONE. Many of our clients know they need social media but would rather not hire a person full time to do the work. Their employees are too busy doing what they do best to handle the social media. Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations agencies are too expensive. So here is what you need!

Flexible and Affordable Staffing Solutions & Temps
● Hourly ● Daily ● Weekly ● Monthly

So what do they do for Ü?
• Education, Strategy, Implementation, Management and Reporting on everything that is Social Media, for you, your employees and your Company

• Play an important role in creating or suggesting new ways to increase your social footprint. At times there may be more than one ÜberBluer working on the program.

• The expert for you. Think of ÜberBluer as your Social Media Personal Assistant. An UberBluer is a “temporary” solution to help manage, contribute, monitor and report on all levels of your social media program.

• They are totally flexible for you and available hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and for extended engagements.

Not sure what any of this means? No worries. . .
Take the Survey, hit "submit" and we will call you!

Social Media Half Day Session for Individuals and Small Groups

Many of our clients ask us if we offer help for individuals or small groups (up to 3 people) in addition to the solutions we provide for businesses. The answer is YES! We offer a personalized one on one session for those that want to learn more about how they can improve their personal social media experience. Our Social Media Half Day Session begins with a four hour morning, afternoon or evening course of uninterrupted time (no cell phones, emails or distractions) to educate, review, optimize and strategize. Include in the session:

• Review current social media tools
• Optimize Current Tools and Information
• Review Reputation Management Tools (Implement and Teach)
• Discuss Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media
• What else is needed? Discuss what else you may need now or in the future

If you need additional hours we can always extend the session to ensure you get the level of experience you need. We can discuss how many hours will be necessary.

The simple truth is that everyone is learning about social media. Everyone is at a different level of understanding. You can start the survey now here online. (Click Here). Once you have the completed survey we will schedule time to complete the Free60 Minute™ session that will help us learn about. . .

• What you know about social media
• Your goals for social media
• Your ability to achieve your goals
• How you and your staff are currently using social media
• If you are using social media to its full potential and if you are not there yet, how to help you reach the highest level and accomplish your goals.

So let’s get you started… Click Here!